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Tonnellerie de Cognac has a strong background in the Cognac region, producing high quality oak barrels for the cognac spirits industry.  Looking to the future, however, we want to push our brand further to bring our skills and vision to the worldwide spirits market.

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Tonellerie de Cognac was created in a traditional mould to meet the needs of the Cognac spirits industry.  We built high quality new cognac barrels and supplied refurbished, pre-used barrels, to local cognac houses, making a name for fine quality and reliability.  We have a strong brand in the Cognac region and are really good at what we do!  Our artisans are experienced in all the traditional skills and French barrel making know-how that is renown around the world.  We are steeped in tradition and heritage but have our eyes firmly open for opportunities in the future.

Dynamic young things

Times are changing and with a young and dynamic team, so are we.  Tonnellerie de Cognac has seen an  explosion of interest in the spirits market and we are ready to be part of it!  It's a really exciting time, with new spirits brands being born and established brands branching out in new directions or breathing new life into old favorites. We know we have the right team and exact skills to place us in the middle of this spirits revolution.  We are transferring everything we learned in the Cognac industry and  bringing our skills and considerable experience to bear on a new generation of spirits. 

Building for the future

We have moved our operations to a new premises and invested heavily in equipment,  putting us in a strong position to move forward with new clients.  New collaborations are starting to arrive and we are thinking worldwide rather than regionally.

We have also greatly expanded our stock and handling facilities for pre-used barrels as these are just as important for ageing new types of spirits.  Imagine Gin aged in rum barrels or tequila in cognac ones!  With our huge network of suppliers and partners we can offer what our customers need, repair and refurbish them quickly and ship worldwide.  We also specialise in large casks and vats.

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11 Rue du Torula

La Nérolle,

16130 Segonzac


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