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We have a great team here at Tonnellerie de Cognac, both in the cooperage and the warehouse.  Youthful and dynamic but with consummate experience and lead by a new generation of manager!

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Paul Beaudoin
Sales & Admin Manager

Tonnellerie de Cognac has a youthful team and is lead by Paul Beaudoin, who at 24 is pretty youthful himself. Paul comes from a family background with experience in distilling and winemaking with his grandparents and uncle in the business.  He has studied the technical side of sales for wine and spirits and his personal passion is the world of spirt making.  He is particularly excited about mixing new and traditional methods to help his clients make modern spirits and re-create old brands.

Benjamin Vincent
Master Cooper

Benjamin has been making barrels since 2009 and is unsurprisingly the son of a cooper! As an experienced Master Cooper, Benjamin has a wide range of skills and particularly enjoys creating and restoring speciality casks, repairing old barrels and installing Vats.  He has a sharp eye for detail and personally inspects all new barrels to ensure his team of coopers meet his high standards. Benjamin has travelled extensively worldwide with his team to install vats in client premises in such places as the USA, South America and Europe. His absolute passion is saving old barrels to keep them in the cellar for future decades of use!

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Laurent Gibaud
Quality & Logistic Manager

Laurent is not only the 'old man' of the team but also the 'nose' of  Tonnellerie de Cognac.  Extremely experienced in the barrel business, he is responsible for the receipt and grading of all used barrels coming in from suppliers and partners.  With his team, he inspects and « noses » each barrel to ensure their quality. Laurent is also the logistic and shipping manager for the cooperage and at the heart of its smooth operation.

Adrien Rambault
Team Cooper

Adrien, 24 years old, is a fully qualified cooper on the Tonnellerie de Cognac team.  As a skilled artisan he excels at creating new barrels and is fully involved in the used barrel refurbishment programme.  He is a specialist in barrel toasting; able to customise a barrel profiles by using differing toasting techniques and his own considerable expertise in this specialist field.  

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Antoine Carta
Team Cooper

Antoine, 20 years old,  is the youngest member of the Tonnellerie de Cognac team.  A fully qualified cooper he is highly flexible and enjoys both creating new barrels and repairing used ones.  He brings a modern perspective to barrel making and has a great eye for detail and finish.

Belinda Gibaud
Merrain Specialist

Belinda is the TdeC specialist responsible for selecting the staves (merrain) that will be turned into new barrels.  The staves spend up to 2-3 years (24-36 months) on our ageing park, and each stave is inspected for quality and grain before being put forward in packs for the coopers to transform. This careful selection of differing profiles for different barrels ensures exceptional quality in our finished barrels. 

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11 Rue du Torula

La Nérolle,

16130 Segonzac


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