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Creating handmade barrels for the spirits industry.  We embody heritage, craftsmanship and quality in every barrel.

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Pure and simple, our aim is: 'build the perfect barrel'.  We cut our teeth creating barrels for prestigious Cognac houses, With this unique knowledge we now create high quality oak barrels for ageing all types of spirits worldwide. All our 'Signature Line' barrels are signed by the cooper that created them!

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Let us find the perfect pre-used barrels for your project. Our extensive stock and network of partners means we can find exactly what you need.  

We  also offer  refurbished barrels, to add a new dimension to your spirits range or help create something new with the skill of our expert coopers.

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Heritage and Tradition

In barrel making, heritage and tradition are the measure by which good barrels are made.  Although we have a youthful and dynamic team (essential as barrel making is a very physical skill) they have years of experience crafting and creating high quality barrels, with a focus on the needs of the spirits industry.  Each team member has a different skill set, making the whole team flexible and responsive to our customers requirements. All our coopers are artisan craftsman who have learned their skills as apprentices and then on the job.  Master Cooper, Benjamin Vincent, keeps his team's skills finely honed giving help, training and advice to ensure all Tonnellerie de Cognac barrels pass his strict quality criteria.  The tools, techniques and knowledge are passed down from Master cooper to each worker so that they too can become masters of their trade. Fine barrel making has been active in the Cognac region for hundreds of years and Tonnellerie de Cognac is a guardian of this heritage.

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Members Club

Join the Tonnellerie de Cognac Members Club.  We will keep you up to date with news and information about the tonnellerie.  Be the first to know of our new releases, new wood, and special used barrel offers . Access the members  only page, get notified of members special offers and receive our periodic newsletter.

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11 Rue du Torula

La Nérolle,

16130 Segonzac


SAS TC Tonnellerie de Cognac

Capital social: 10 000.00€

RCS:  Angoulême 897 691 119

TVA: FR95 897 691 119

SAS TC – Tonnellerie de Cognac

11 rue du Torula, La Nérolle 16130 Segonzac France

Tel. : +33 (0)6 87 85 86 50

Mail :

Capital social : 10 000,00€

R.C.S : Angoulême 897 691 119

TVA : FR95 897 691 119


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